Sharing Your World

What is your favorite cheese? I love cheese. Depending on whether I’m eating the cheese as a snack or if I am cooking with it, what my favorite is differs. If I’m doing hamburgers I love using a good provolone or swiss cheese. For sandwiches I love a good smoked gouda. If I am baking then I love using a good quality Parmesan or Parmesan-Romano blend. If I’m making lasagna or cannolis then it’s a ricotta cheese. As for snacking I really need to up the game since I’ve tended my whole life to simply going the the deli section and picking up a variety of cheeses (cheddars, feta, etc) that are easily found.

Are you left or right handed? I am actually ambidextrous though I write with my right hand. Otherwise I drive people crazy when I keep switching hands when ironing or crafting or eating. Yeah I kept getting seated with plenty of space at the table during meal times as a kid.

Do you prefer exercising your mind or your body? How frequently do you do either? I much prefer exercising my mind over my body and, sadly, my body shows it. I love reading, writing and playing games on the computer (such as games that have hidden objects to find, mah jong, solitaire, etc,) that put the brain cells to work.

Complete this sentence: Hot days are …for mixed melons, homemade ice cream and sipping COLD iced tea.

Just this last week some friends and I headed down to Pike Place Market to do a bit of shopping. We ended up coming hope with our bags laden with a bunch of Tuscan melons, cantaloupe, honeydew, and one watermelon. Once home we got busy cutting most of the lot up and mixing them together in a large container. Lets just say after we got the mess cleaned up we had an enjoyable evening sitting outside enjoying the fruits (or in this case, melons) of our labors just relaxing and chatting.

As for the homemade ice cream, I haven’t made any in ages. The last time I made homemade ice cream was at a family reunion almost 8 years ago. But instead of having the tradition ice cream maker, m brother got the ball one that could be tossed and gently foot tapped. Overall it made an okay ice cream. But growing up my grandpa Rowland had the type that you had to crank by hand. Us grandkids would complain about having to do all the hard cranking but man oh man, when that ice cream had hardened up in the freezer, yeah there’s nothing better than homemade ice cream.

Lately I’ve been on a mango kick with my teas. I’ve got one tea that is a super favorite at the moment called Mango Berry Tea. Two other teas that I’ve been enjoying this month as well are Emerald Surprise  and Seattle Surprise.  These two have basically the same ingredients with the Emerald Surprise being a green tea and the Seattle Surprise is a black tea. Both are fairly good but the Mango Berry is the better of the three in my opinion.

mango tea collage
Left to Right: Mango Berry, Seattle Surprise, Emerald Surprise